2013 GoPro Racing Footage

PRSA Fall Series #7 (27 October)

  • The GoPro was on board Sinistra this weekend, with Aaron driving, Piercarlo in the middle, and Lizzie up front.  We were a bit frustrated in the first race as we managed to tack our way to the back of the back after a great pin-end start.  The wind was light, but you’ll see most boats sail by us as they made better decisions on the puffs and shifts.  I (Aaron) will take the blame for way too much tacking in light air, as you’ll see on the second upwind leg: http://youtu.be/O3hBm4I8qhw
  • The breeze piped up a bit in race two, shifted west (and even south of west) and continued to oscillate.  At times we could fly the chute on both reach legs of the T2 course, and at times we were jib reaching.  In this clip you’ll see us luff Nabeel up at the start just inside of 1:00 to go, launch of the line in a right phase, catch a right shift to flop onto port and take the lead.  Passing is tough on reach legs, so we never really looked back as we went around the course ( we won, although the GoPro died before the race finished!).  We even had some good planing under the jib on some of the reach legs: http://youtu.be/YDDkx8Sbl00

PRSA Fall Series #3 (29 September)

  • The GoPro was with Bob Gotthard, Grant, & Lisa-Marie on board Anger Management.  It was a very light-wind day, so we only have video from one race.  You’ll see some great footage from the start, and Bob does a great job getting his boat to the windward mark in 2nd place.  Downwind sailing in light breeze is tricky, though, and a couple of boats manage to sneak in on puffs as the pack goes downhill and then back up to finish the 1-lap race: http://youtu.be/tyCAZR1RQhs

PRSA Fall Series #2 (22 September)

  • The GoPro was on board Sinistra and we got some footage from three of the day’s four races.  We had some trouble getting off the line and finding the right side, so there is some good footage of other boats crossing in front of us and of some close mark roundings.  The races were relatively short, so instead of editing down the video I’ve just posted the full-length video from the first three races.  Enjoy!
  • Race 1: http://youtu.be/tGVcRE8SS_Y
  • Race 2: http://youtu.be/gst8VQ5gAbM
  • Race 3: http://youtu.be/Vr2M6pyv1Ps

SSA Summer Series (22 June)

  • The GoPro was on board Sinistra for this SSA Summer Series race.  Although the battery cuts out before the finish, you’ll see Aaron, Nicole, and Tree get a good mid-line start and then battle the Annapolis chop and light breeze as they make their way around the course: http://youtu.be/v0AQXQy84nw

Dixie District Championships (8-9 June)

  • Race 6 on Beedobeathttp://youtu.be/tbSY5SShhTg  You’ll see the highlights of the last race of the regatta, in which we eventually took 3rd in a very competitive fleet.  Lots of hiking and some close crosses in what turned out to be a great race!
  • Sailing Home: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kin0oL06vUY  The GoPro had about 45 seconds of battery life to capture Ron, Hadley, and Jeff as we all sailed home after the second day of racing!

PRSA Spring Series #8 (2 June)

  • Race 1: http://youtu.be/9QadoQFjVBw  You’ll see the “College Boys” on 14376 position themselves for a boat-end start and then duke it out with Chris & crew on String Theory on the first beat.  Jon Van Voorhis & crew on Shamrock make an appearance at a few mark roundings, as does Lindsay Bach & crew.  Enjoy the action!
  • Race 2: http://youtu.be/6xFXGBHRnow  Rubbin’ is racing, as they say!  You’ll see the “College Boys” on 14376 in a few close calls as they make their way to the windward mark, including a little “tap” on John Van Voorhis & Team Shamrock in some close action at the layline.  Looks like we had a bit of a lens fogging issue, and The GoPro gave out before the race was over, but we have some good highlights nonetheless.

PRSA Spring Regatta (25-26 May)

  • Wipeout!  http://youtu.be/O8IRobQAmxc  Team String Theory takes a spill trying to pass Resistance is Futile in rac2 on the second day, but recovers to keep on sailing.
  • Additional highlights from races 1 and 2 (day 2) coming soon.

Doc Gilbert Memorial Potomac Cup (4-5 May)

  • Video coming soon!


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