2012 President’s/Leukemia Cup: What a Blast!

Saturday saw breezes of 15-20 kts with gusts to 30.  Rigs came down, boats were upside down, and crews were swimming.  Thankfully everybody made it through safe and sound and we were all on shore when the storm front (with 50+ kt winds!) hit.  Unfortunately, that storm meant that the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society had to shut down the party before fundraising and racing awards were handed out and before the raffle and silent auction winners were announced.  We’ll pass along updated information from the LLS as soon as we receive it, including any information concerning prizes or awards you may have won if you were fundraising for LLS.

Sunday ended up being a gorgeous day with a 10-12 kt NW breeze, wonderful sunshine, and great racing.  The RC did a great job in getting us four races and we all enjoyed a nice BBQ after the racing.  Keep reading for more details from the racing and for the preliminary scores.  Also, don’t forget to post your own comments and recollections from the weekend!

What a weekend, and what a contrast between Saturday and Sunday!  I wasn’t sailing on Saturday, but I’ve heard the term “survival conditions” used on numerous occasions to describe the racing on the first day of the 2012 President’s/Leukemia Cup.  I do know that winds averaged about 20 knots, with some gusts to 30, and that a number of boats capsized, lost rigs, or broke gear.  Thankfully everybody ultimately made it back to the marina safe and sound (if waterlogged), due in large part to the efforts of a very busy race committee.  If you were out there on Saturday, please post your observations, photos, and comments below!

There was no rest for the weary or wet, though.  Just as the LLS post-race party get rolling we found ourselves running for cover as a fast-moving storm front swept across the marina with wind gusts of 50+ kts.  Unfortunately, the party had to be called off as the LLS volunteers scrambled to rescue prizes, trophies, and auction items from the elements.  If you helped raise funds for the LLS this year, you’ll hear from them soon regarding any auction items you might have bid on and you’ll hear from me concerning the LLS racing awards for Saturday.  Thanks for your patience and for supporting a great cause!

Sunday turned out to be a very different day on the water, with N/NW breezes of 10-12 kts, brilliant sunshine, and great racing all around.  The RC got us four great races before we headed back to the marina for the PRSA President’s Cup BBQ and awards ceremony.  The breeze varied in strength a bit (I hiked low and I hiked high, and we nearly popped on a plane at least once) and there were a number of shifts, but overall the airport side of the course seemed to pay off all day long.  Going left (west) towards the airport and then tacking up the shore seemed to be the secret for getting to the windward mark first.  Downwind it was often tempting to try the middle of the river once you sailed into a light spot along the shore, but those boats that jibed out into the river generally ran out of wind and ended up behind the pack that would stay near the airport shore.

Rick Welch, sailing with Aaron and new crew member Steve Sacks (who just happened to be biking and stopped off at the marina for a bit as we were looking for crew) took the first race in a back-and-forth contest that saw Nabeel (sailing with Russ Roberts and Scott Bradford) as well as Bobby in the lead at points.  Chan Swallow and his crew also made a strong showing in the first race on Sunday, finishing third.  Nabeel and his crew took bullets for the rest of the day, with Rick and Bobby mixing it up for second and third places.  It was also great to see new Lightning fleet members Rick Mead (sailing with Art Harris) and John Kircher out racing and having fun!

Be sure to add your own comments and recollections here, and then make sure to show up for our first regular Sunday Series race on the 16th!

Presidents Leukemia Cup PRELIM Results

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