2011 Fleet 50 Championship Series Final Scores

Well after a rip roaring last day of the season, we finally have a Champion! Congratulations to Rick Welch and Team Sinistra who won it all with a 1.7 average score. Fleet Runner up this year is Nabeel Alsalam and Team Shadowfax, just 2 tenths of a point behind the winners for a 1.9 average. Team Resistance skippered by Frank Gallagher came in third with a 2.9, Team Ariel, the Storck/Heida 2 headed monster, came in fourth with a 4.3, and Eric Hakanson and Team Ferris Bueller hung on for fifth with a 5.4 despite not being out there on the last day. Chris Kozel and Team String Theory get an honorable mention for doing everything they could to dislodge Team Ferris Bueller from fifth with a 5.9 average for the season.

Here are the final standings:

2011 Fleet Championship Final

A couple of interesting factoids to note:

We got 70 races this year, which I believe is a record. Over the last two years, Team Sinistra has been the most consistent, averaging 1.7 over both seasons.

Here are the final scores for the Spring and Fall Series, awards to be given out this Saturday at the PRSA banquet:

2011 Spring Series Final

2011Fall Series Final

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